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Project results

The European Space Agency (ESA) has established thirteen projects that will examine the Essential Climate Variables (ECVs) of climate system observations at the centre of its Climate Change Initiative (CCI) programme. The ECV projects and CMUG are working together to support the aims of the CCI programme.

Phase 3


(Note: links will work when a published date is reported next to them.)

D1.1 Requirement document [dd-mm-yyyy]

D1.2 EO for climate foresight report [dd-mm-yyyy]

D2.1 CCI scientific impact report [dd-mm-yyyy]

D2.2 Climate Data Forum: v1 [dd-mm-yyyy] – v2 [dd-mm-yyyy] – v3 [dd-mm-yyyy]

D2.3 Technical note on product and assessment: v1 [dd-mm-yyyy] – v2 [dd-mm-yyyy] – v3 [dd-mm-yyyy]

D3.1 Quality assessment report: v1 [dd-mm-yyyy] – v2 [dd-mm-yyyy] – v3 [dd-mm-yyyy]

D4.1 Report on MIP impact assessment and bench marking of CMIP5 models: v1 [dd-mm-yyyy] – v2 [dd-mm-yyyy] – v3 [dd-mm-yyyy]

D5.1 Support for ESMValTool in CMUG v1 [dd-mm-yyyy]

D5.3 Implementation of CCI products in ESMValTool: v1 [dd-mm-yyyy]– v2 [dd-mm-yyyy]

D5.4 Evaluating CMIP6 ensemble with CCI data & ESMValTool v1 [dd-mm-yyyy]

D5.6 CMF for CCI products and models evaluation v1 [dd-mm-yyyy]

D5.7 CCI contribution to Obs4MIPs: Training material v1 [dd-mm-yyyy] – Roll out schedule v0 [dd-mm-yyyy] v1 [dd-mm-yyyy] v2 [dd-mm-yyyy] – Annual report v0 [dd-mm-yyyy] v1 [dd-mm-yyyy] v2 [dd-mm-yyyy] – CCI Obs4MIPs data [dd-mm-yyyy]

D6.1 Scientific exploitation report: v1 [dd-mm-yyyy] – v2 [dd-mm-yyyy] – v3 [dd-mm-yyyy]

D6.2 Promotion package: v1 [dd-mm-yyyy] – v2 [dd-mm-yyyy] – v3 [dd-mm-yyyy]

D7.1 Climate Service Interface Requirement & Roadmap v1 [dd-mm-yyyy] – v2 [dd-mm-yyyy]

D8.1 Quarterly progress reports [dd-mm-yyyy]

D8.2 Maintenance of CMUG web pages [dd-mm-yyyy]

D8.3 Final report [dd-mm-yyyy]


Report from CMUG Eighth Integration Meeting, Met Office, Exeter, UK [29-31 October 2018]

Presentations from CMUG Eighth Integration Meeting, Met Office, Exeter, UK [29-31 October 2018]

User areas

Collaborative workspace for CSWG


ESA CCI home page (includes links to each ECV project)

Phase 2


D1.1 Requirements Baseline Document (v0.6) [April 2015]

D1.2 Meeting the Needs of the Climate Community – EO for climate foresight report (v1.0) [27-01-2017]

D2.1 Scientific Impact Report (v1.6) [14-05-2015]

D2.3 Technical Note on Product Assessment (v3.1) [06-02-2017]

D3.1 Quality Assessment Report: VERSION 2 [09-08-2016] – VERSION 3 [18-08-2017] – VERSION 4 [20-12-2017]

D4.1 MIP Assessment Report (v3) [30-06-2017]

D5.1 Advanced version of the ESMValTool: VERSION 2 [30-08-2016] – VERSION 3 [30-06-2017]

D6.1 Scientific Exploitation Report (v2.0) [10-05-2016]

D6.2 Outreach and Dissemination Plan (v2.0) [26-05-2016]

D7.1 Interface of CCI data to climate services (v2.0) [04-01-2017]


Presentations from CMUG Seventh Integration Meeting, IPSL, Paris, France [13-14 February 2017]

Presentations from CMUG Sixth Integration Meeting, LMU, Munich, Germany [14-16 March 2016]

Presentations from CMUG Fifth Integration Meeting, SMHI, Norrkoping, Sweden [26-28 May 2015]

Phase 1


D1.1 Profile and needs of the climate modelling community (v1.1) [31-08-2010]

D1.2 User Requirement Document (v2.0) [17-12-2012]

D2.1 Scientific Impact Report (v1.0) [29-04-2015]

D2.1 Technical note on user requirements and specifications (contact CMUG for this) [26-09-2011]

D2.2 Technical note: CCI system requirements (v0.7) [05-08-2013]

D2.3 Technical note on Validation and User Assessment (v0.4) [27-02-2014]

D2.3 Technical Note on Product Assessment (v0.6) [22-05-2015]

D2.4 Technical note: Analysis of how the CCI datasets will meet climate modellers needs (v1.2) [06-10-2011]

D3.1_1A Technical note on CMUG ECV Quality Assessment Report (v1.2) [30-08-2012]

D3.1_1B Technical note on CMUG ECV Soil Moisture Assessment Report (v0.5) [29-01-2013]

D3.1_1C Cross precursor assessment on Soil Moisture, Land Cover and Fire (v0.4) [16-04-2013]

D3.1_1D Technical Note on CMF functionality for assessing Ozone, Aerosol and SM (v1.0) [30-09-2013]

D3.1_2 Technical Note on CMUG ECV Quality Assessment Report (v2.1) [01-04-2014]

D3.3 Technical Note on the use of uncertainty in models and reanalysis (v0.7) [10-04-2013]

D3.4 Technical Note on the role of Reanalysis in the production and QA of CDRs (v0.3) [15-05-2013]

D3.5 Technical Note on the status of ECMWF Climate Monitoring Database facility (v1.1) [10-05-2013]

D3.6 Roadmap for data integration in Reanalysis (v0.1) [30-06-2014]

D4.1 Scientific Exploitation Plan (v3.1) [30-10-2013]

D4.2 Scientific Exploitation Report (v2.0) [31-07-2012]


Technical Note on Obs4MIPs [06-05-2014]

Presentations from CMUG Fourth Integration Meeting, Exeter, UK, 2-6 June 2014 [13-08-2014]

Report on CMUG Third Integration Meeting, Hamburg, Germany, 3-5 June 2013 [18-09-2013]

Report on CMUG Second Integration Meeting, Toulouse, France, 14-16 May 2012 [23-07-2012]

CMUG "Golden Year" document (v5) [23-04-2012]

Report on CMUG First Integration Meeting, Reading, UK, 14-16 March 2011 [13-05-2011]