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CMUG Integration meeting 3

Date: 3 to 5 June 2013

Location: MPI-M, Hamburg, Germany

Please ask the authors' permission before reproducing any part of these presentations.

Meeting Program

Report on Third CCI Project Integration Meeting

Monday 3 June

Keynote presentations

Long term datasets David Lary (University of Texas)

Next generation ESMs Colin Jones (SMHI)

Soil moisture in climate, models and observations Sonia Seneviratne (ETHZ)

Visualisation of climate data Michael Boettinger (DKRZ)

CMUG assessment of precursor and CCI ECV datasets

Marine Met Office and MeteoFrance

Atmosphere MeteoFrance and ECMWF

Terrestrial MPI-M

Tuesday 4 June

Atmospheric ECVs

Aerosol Thomas Hozer-Popp (DLR)

Clouds Rainer Hollmann (DWD)

Greenhouse gases Michael Buchwitz (University of Bremen)

Ozone Michel van Roozendael (Aeronomie)

Marine ECVs

Sea surface height Benoit Meyssignac (LEGOS)

Ocean colour Shuba Sathyendranath (Plymouth Marine Laboratory)

Sea ice Stein Sandven (NERSC)

Sea surface temperature Chris Merchant (Reading University)

Terrestrial ECVs

Ice sheets Rene Forsburg (DTU Space)

Land Cover Pierre Defourny (UCLouvain)

Soil moisture Wouter Dorigo (TU Wien)

Fire Emilio Chuvieco (UAH)

Glaciers Frank Paul (University of Zurich)

Wednesday 5 June

Keynote presentations

Metrics and data in model evaluation Veronika Eyring (DLR)

Update on Obs4MIPs Robert Ferraro (NASA-JPL)

The FP7 CORE-CLIMAX project Joerg Schultz (EUMETSAT)

Visualisation corner Philip Eales (Planetary Visions)


Results from Science Leads breakout group Chris Merchant (Reading University)

Results from the science speed dating Paul van der Linden (Met Office)