Characterization of metadata to enable high-quality climate applications and services

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CHARMe - for Stakeholders

Are you a climate data user?

If you are a user of climate data, you're a potential stakeholder in this project. This project is developing commentary metadata to enhance the usability of climate data sets to users.


There are many different types of climate data, encompassing in situ and remotely-sensed observations, the results of numerical models and the combination of models and observations in re-analysis programmes. To be able to issue a simple statement about a products qualitative and quantitative "quality", the user requires easy access to detailed and comprehensive supporting information about the datasets. The picture below ilustrates the core concept of this project, which is to ensure that climate data is usable to a wide interdisciplinary user community by providing users access to information they require to judge whether a dataset is fit for purpose.

Core Concept

What is commentary metadata?

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Project Milestones

The first consultation meeting was held on the 14th of March 2013. The relevant outputs from this meeting will be available in report form very soon. The purpose of this was to discuss user requirements to assist in the development of the CHARMe system.

Here are the project milestones when releases to the stakeholders will take place.

Project milestones

Delivery Date

Report on technical best practice and recommendations for standards that should be employed on project.

Mar 2013

Workshop report

Apr 2013

User Requirements Document

May 2013

Document on the gap analysis

May 2013

First Newsletters and leaflets

Jun 2013

Initial report on tool development

Jun 2013

Second round of newsletters and leaflets

Dec 2013

Software prototypes developed

Jun 2014

Prototype deployment

Jun 2014

Third round of newsletters and leaflets

Jun 2014

Deployment of CHARMe system

Dec 2014

Final Report

Dec 2014

Final News Letter

Dec 2014

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This research has received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement n°312641. It is coordinated by the University of Reading and operated by a 9 member consortium.