Characterization of metadata to enable high-quality climate applications and services

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CHARMe - Archived News

Project News

15-19th December 2014
Abstract on CHARMe submitted to the Improving Data Interoperability and Usability session at the AGU meeting, San Francisco, USA.

10-11th December 2014
CHARMe Final Workshop for users and stakeholders. Reading, UK. CHARMe Brochure #3 published.

12-14th November 2014
Paper on CHARMe significant event viewer at the ESA Big Data from Space conference, ESRIN, Italy.

20-22nd October 2014
Victoria Bennett gave a presentation on CHARMe to data providers at the ESA CCI colocation meeting, ESRIN, Italy.

13-17th October 2014
CHARMe attended the Climate Research and Earth Observations from Space conference, Darmstadt, Germany, and presented its brochure.

6-10th October 2014
A CHARMe poster was presented at the 10th European Conference on Applied Climatology (ECAC), Prague, Czech Republic.

22-26th September 2014
CHARMe presentation at the annual EUMETSAT Meteorological Satellite Conference, Darmstadt Germany.

22nd August 2014
CHARMe Newsletter no.3 issued

22-25th May 2014
CHARMe work presented at the SENTINEL-2 for Science Workshop, ESRIN, Italy.

16th and 28th May 2014
CHARMe scientists write articles for the CHARMe blog site.

27th April - 2nd May 2014
A CHARMe poster was presented, and a presentation on the Contextualization of visualizations of climate data given at EGU, Vienna, Austria.

CHARMe poster at EGU

27th April 2014
CHARMe brochure circulated to stakeholders and researchers.

2nd April 2014
CHARMe paper presented at the W3C workshop on Open Annotation, San Francisco, USA.

2-8th April 2014
CHARMe scientist visits NOAA and NCPP in the USA to promote the CHARMe system.

26th March - 1st April 2014
CHARMe poster presented at the International TOVS Study Conference XIX (ITSC XIX), Jeju Island, South Korea.

20-21st March 2014
CHARMe representation by STFC at LTDP working group meeting, Spain.

19-20th March 2014
CHARMe research results circulated at the European Data Forum, Greece.

13-14th March 2014
CHARMe presentation at the Copernicus Big Data Workshop, Brussels, Belgium.

10-12th March 2014
CHARMe poster at the CMSAF 4th User workshop by DWD, Badersee, Germany.

17-18th February 2014
CHARMe interaction at the ECMWF Climate Change Service Workshop, Reading, UK.

14th February 2014
CHARMe e-newsletter number 2 circulated to stakeholders and climate data centres.

5th February 2014
American Met. Soc., Atlanta, Georgia, USA. CHARMe presentation about the Significant Events Tool (SEVT).

4-6th February 2014
CHARMe presentation by STFC at the ESA CCI colocation meeting, ESRIN, Italy.

1st February 2014
CHARMe blog goes online.

2-6th February 2014
CHARMe presentation by ECMWF at AMS, Atlanta, USA.

21-23rd January 2014
CHARMe presentation at the CORE-CLIMAX project meeting, EUMETSAT, Darmstadt, Germany.

14-17th January 2014
CHARMe poster at the GEO-X plenary and ministerial summit, Geneva, Switzerland.

14-16th January 2014
CHARMe presentation at the CLIP-C EC FP7 project kick off meeting.

11th December 2013
CHARMe presentation to Climate Monitoring Group at the Met Office, UK.

1st December 2013
CHARMe articles appear in GEOSS report.

6-8th November 2013
CHARMe poster displayed at the 9th EUMETNET Data Management Workshop.

4-6th November 2013
PV2013 Conference, Italy. CHARMe presentation in the session on 'Standards for Archives and Interoperability enabling new added value services'.

27th October 2013
Presentation on CHARMe at the WMO RA-VI (Europe) Regional Climate Centre (RCC) coordination meeting in Moscow.

24-25th October 2013
Presentation on the CHARMe system at the Irish Earth Observation Symposium 2013.

23rd October 2013
CHARMe e-newsletter number 1 circulated to CHARMe stakeholders.

22nd October 2013
CHARMe information distributed at the conference on Governance and innovation: supporting sustainable development, managment and protection of natural resources, in Greece.

26th September 2013
Paper on "Understanding Climate Data through Commentary Metadata: the CHARMe project" presented at the LCPD workshop in Malta.

10th September 2013
A presentation describing CHARMe research: "Characterization of metadata to enable high quality climate applications and services" was given at the Digital Research 2013 conference in Oxford.

9th September 2013
Kevin Marsh of STFC presented a poster about the CHARMe project at the ESA Living Planet Symposium in Edinburgh.

2nd September 2013
First CHARMe flyer released describing the project research, aims and structure.

16-17th July 2013
Jon Blower (University of Reading, and one of the technical leads in the project) gave a presentation on CHARMe at the UK Space Conference, Glasgow (session on "Space and Climate Services"). A CHARMe poster was on display at the UoR NCEO stand.

12th June 2013
A CHARMe project meeting took place, with its advisory board, at DWD in Offenbach, Germany. The meeting summarised progress to date and future plans, and allowed the advisory board to comment on both.

6-7th June 2013
Presentation on CHARMe by Petra Fuchs, DWD, at the EUMETSAT Working Group on Dataset Generation through Reprocessing, in session: EUMETSAT's involvement in EU FP7 projects related to climate.

17th May 2013
CHARMe submitted a document on the relevance of this project to satellite data requirements at the EC Hearing on COPERNICUS/GMES in Brussels.

15-16th May 2013
Presentation on CHARMe by Charlotte Pascoe, STFC, at the CORE-CLIMAX Collocation Meeting EC FP7, ESA and EUMETSAT ECV projects in Brussels.

14th May 2013
CHARMe overview presentation given by Petra Fuchs, DWD, at the EURO4M User Workshop, DWD, Offenbach.

30th April 2013
Overview presentation on CHARMe by Jon Blower of Reading University at the PREPARDE cross-linking workshop, STFC, Harwell. The PREPARDE project is working towards methods for formal peer-review of datasets and publication in data journal, as well as the linking between datasets and publications.

14th March 2013
A stakeholder meeting was held in Reading, where external data providers and users attended. Along with the project partners, discussion groups were held to scope out the requirements for delivering CHARMe.

Stakeholder Meeting

13th March 2013
A kick off meeting for the project for all the partners was held for the first time in Reading. Each working package was discussed in depth and how they will evolve and how they will be delivered.

1st January 2013
The CHARMe project commenced.

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This research has received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement n°312641. It is coordinated by the University of Reading and operated by a 9 member consortium.